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What is AI Prompt: How to Write Best AI Prompt Command | About Prompt Engineering

A prompt command is an instruction for AI that tells AI what type of information or answer you want. It can be a question, instruction, or a request to complete a task. For example, if you want to know “What are the effects of increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?” then this will be a command prompt that AI will understand and answer. This is called AI Prompt Command. Let’s understand it in more detail.

Features of Best prompt

The Features of a Best prompt make it clear, concise, precise, and relevant. This helps AI to understand and give the correct answer. By providing context and guidelines in the prompt (AI Prompt Command) you can make your question even more effective. We are sharing the top 10 Prompt Commands so that you can easily understand it:-

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  • The prompt should not contain ambiguity or repetitive words. Write it so that AI can easily understand what you are asking.
  • Ask the question simply and clearly.
  • Ambiguous and complex prompts can confuse the AI.


  • Avoid unnecessary information and complexity.
  • It is essential to make what is expected from AI clear. Do you want factual information, opinion, or analysis?
  • Example: “Give a biography of Mahatma Gandhi.”
  • List Indian movies released in the 2000s.


  • Include the necessary context in the question so that the AI ​​can answer correctly.
  • If you want information on a specific topic, including context and necessary details is important.
  • Example: “What are the most popular Indian movies of the 2000s?”


  • Make it clear what is expected in your question, whether it is factual information, analysis, or opinion.
  • The command you give must be entered with precision.
  • Example: “Analyze the current economic situation of India.”


  • Make it clear in the prompt what kind of answer you want.
  • Example: “What were the main causes of the American Civil War and what happened as a result of them?”

Breaking Down Complexity

  • Break down complex questions into smaller parts.
  • It is good to break down difficult questions with numbers, years, dates, etc.
  • Example: “What were the causes of World War I?”
  • “What were the consequences of World War I?”

Providing Examples

  • Make it clear in the prompt what kind of information you want.
  • Example: “List the causes of climate change, such as greenhouse gas emissions.”


  • If you want the answer in a particular format or style, mention it.
  • Example: “Write about the freedom struggle in essay style.”


  • If the question can be given options, include them.
  • Example: “Name the major languages ​​of India, such as Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil.”

Temporal Context

  • If the time frame is important, make it clear. 
  • Example: “List the major global events that occurred in 2023.”

What is a Command Prompt 

A prompt is a text-based interface that allows users to interact with the operating system. It is commonly used in the Microsoft Windows operating system and is also known as CMD (Command Prompt). Using the command prompt, users can control various functions of the system by typing various commands.

Uses of Command Prompt 

The Command Prompt is a powerful tool that allows users to control various functions of the system through text-based commands. Some of the uses of Command Prompt are as follows:

  • Creating, deleting, copying, moving, and renaming files and folders. Getting system information such as IP address, network connection, and disk space. Changing and controlling system settings and configurations.
  • Viewing the list of running processes and terminating processes.
  • Performing network-related tasks such as ping tests, and checking network connections.

What is Prompt Engineering

Prompt Engineering is the process through which effective and appropriate prompts are designed to obtain better and more accurate answers from AI models. This is an important skill, especially for those who are using AI and machine learning techniques. The purpose of prompt engineering is to ensure that answers of the highest possible quality can be obtained from AI models.

Key Elements of Prompt Engineering

  • It is important to structure the prompt correctly. This includes clarity, conciseness, and accuracy.
  • The prompt should include the necessary context and details so that the AI ​​can give the correct answer
  • Ensuring that the prompt clearly reflects the nature of the question, such as factual information, opinion, analysis, etc.

Techniques of Prompt Engineering

  • Design the prompt in such a way that the AI ​​can potentially cover all aspects
  • Provide multiple examples to help the AI ​​answer more accurately
  • Direct questions ask for direct answers while indirect questions prompt the AI ​​to think and analyze.
  • Analyze the answers received and modify the prompt as needed

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